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Goldfoil Art

Gold foil is a traditional handicraft in China.It has a history spanning over 1600 years originating in Nanjing in the Eastern Jin Dynasty.

Gold technology is the treasure of Chinese folk traditional craft. Its fine leaves are applied to a variety of different products from statues, art work, furniture, interiors and clothing both in China and abroad.

There are over ten different procedures which have been passed down from ancient times that are still adopted in the current production of gold foil. Some of the main ones are listed.

  • Calcining and melting the gold bullion
  • Forcefully beating the bullion into a thin gold leaf
  • Cutting the leaf into smaller leaves
  • Further hammering gold leaves enfolded with black-golden paper

The most demanding part is to beat the gold bullion into foils. This process concludes with the bullion being hammered over a thousand times into foils as thin as 0.1 micron. Scientific calculation suggests that 943 gold foils altogether are no thicker than one millimetre and ten thousand foils weigh no more than 178.125 grams.